Use Digital Marketing Strategies in Good Times and Bad to Build Your Customer Base

In these uncertain times, companies from small businesses to major brands are turning to digital marketing and social media to offer valuable content, build brand credibility and engage with audiences.

Consumers across the globe have dramatically increased their reliance on technology. So, including these tactics in your marketing strategy enables you to access to nearly half of the world’s population.

Reach Your Audiences with Greater Precision

Digital marketing and social media provide a way to find and appeal to your target audience(s) where they spend time online. By A/B testing content and using variables like affinities and demographics, you can craft ads that are more likely to appeal to potential customers. And actionable insights allow you to determine which digital tactics are working most effectively and pivot your strategy based on those insights.

In short, creating digital and social media campaigns gives you much more flexibility and control than traditional media, and allows you to modify your approach quickly and easily to increase your ROI.

Remember Your Marketing “Must Haves”

Marketing knowledge will guide your decision making on how best to connect with those most likely to purchase your products:

  • Know your audiences (demographics, psychographics, interests, pain points and social media habits).
  • Examine your top three competitors (study their marketing approach, calls to action and use of advertising mediums).
  • Promote your product’s edge (key differentiators that makes your product stand out against the competition).

Should I Advertise in Uncertain Times?

These are truly unprecedented times and it begs the question, “Should I advertise when I can’t sell anything right now?”

It’s absolutely true that people are more anxious about spending money in uncertain times, but selling goods is only one component to consider. Using digital and social media can build your customer base and increase customer loyalty and advocacy by engaging audiences in activities and experiences that build appreciation, trust and emotional connections with your brand.

How to Position Your Brand for Future Success

If you truly understand the values, concerns and aspirations of your target market, then you know what type of non-sales information to share. For example, use social media to share valuable content that alleviates a current top-tier concern. Or content that shows you are committed to issues important to customers. The goal is to humanize your brand and demonstrate that your company can be counted on in good times and bad.

“The Only Constant is Change”

Early during the coronavirus crisis there was hope that the economic damage and ensuing recovery would be “V-shaped” with an acute free fall, followed by a quick recovery. However, we are now faced with the impending reality that the coronavirus lockdown may fundamentally change how people, businesses and government entities interact.

In other words, what we once defined as “normal,” may never be normal again. That means it’s time to develop strategies and seek unique opportunities to evolve in a down market and when competitors may be making misguided business decisions rooted in fear.

Be a Part of the Conversation

Hubspot, a leading digital marketing automation platform, recently examined data from its over 70,000 global customer base and found that during this crisis customers are researching brands more heavily online as compared to a year ago, fueling an increase in customer-initiated conversations with brand representatives.

They also found that marketing has pivoted to the creation of online content that’s informative, resourceful and responsive to the current pandemic landscape.


Watch the full presentation, sponsored by the Tucson Metro Chamber.


Bree Richmond manages client relationships, integrated marketing campaigns and project teams at Caliber where she never loses sight of the big picture while overseeing the most minute and critical details. She has 20 plus years of business, brand management and strategic marketing experience communicating with B2B and B2C audiences including serving as the Creative Services Specialist for Roche Tissue Diagnostics. Her experience has taught her the importance of clear communication, accountability and measurable results. Bree currently serves on the American Advertising Federation Tucson board of directors, is a member of Tucson Young Professionals and graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in visual communications.

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