Is it Time to Refresh Your Brand?

As the nation slowly recovers from the recession marketing budgets are also recovering. Companies that survived the economic downturn likely implemented a conservative marketing spending plan, and have emerged with a renewed spirit and business strategy. Having survived the financial crisis, the landscape is now filled with strong competition. Brands are turning to their marketing partners for advice on determining how to best communicate their core messaging in this new market and how to distinguish themselves among their competition.

“A poor economy forces businesses and organizations to rethink their brand and look to the future,“ according to Lori McConville, executive vice president of Caliber Group. “We are helping our clients, across differing industries, to refresh their brands through research and strategic planning and creative guidance. Generally our client’s find that it’s not their product and service that needs fixing, but rather the perception” 

How do you know that rebranding is right for your business? Answer these questions:

  • What is the goal of this rebrand?
  • What are your company values and culture?
  • What are the current challenges being faced by your brand and how will a rebrand help you overcome them?
  • Has your customer base changed significantly?
  • Can you positively identify your target audience?
  • What has changed in the industry?
  • Have your competitors changed significantly?
  • Do you have the time and budget to invest in a rebrand?

We recently helped our client, Valley Forward, with their rebrand and transition to Arizona Forward. This effort was successful because Valley Forward had a clear vision of what they were as an organization, and what they wanted to be in the future. The case study below describes the process and key components that lead to a positive experience for all involved.

In 2012 Valley Forward (now Arizona Forward) decided to expand its mission statewide. This decision supported the organization’s growth after 43 years of success in the Phoenix area. The organization needed a new name – Arizona Forward – and brand to help launch the statewide presence. The Caliber Group, based in Tucson with offices in Phoenix and Charleston, had the expertise Arizona Forward was seeking to position the organization and develop a new brand.

Caliber delved into the organization’s past and present and also examined its future goals in order to fully understand what it was Arizona Forward needed to be successful. Caliber President Kerry Stratford worked with her team to come up with an entire business package that included a logo, launch assessment, updated web presence, social media, branding and other online tools.

The process was highly collaborative and because Arizona Forward had such a clear vision, creating the logo was a smooth process. The organization had an abstract message – one that isn’t always simple to translate into a visual. But key messages, such as growth, development and the environment were ever present and it became clear in the branding process that the logo needed to reflect those components.

Caliber created just that – a logo that clearly shows what Arizona Forward is most focused on: a balance between the built environment and environmental sustainability.

Stakeholders and the organization’s board were pleased with the logo and felt it clearly defines the organization’s future goals. A postcard announcing the new look was also a big success and was awarded a Tucson Addy Award.

Arizona Forward’s Chief Executive Officer and President, Diane Brossart, said the process with Caliber was extremely pleasant and successful. “We never felt like we were off base. The Caliber team was really in tune with what we were trying to achieve. The logo was dead-on and the colors perfect.”

Caliber continues to work with Arizona Forward and is currently redesigning its website as well as designing an electronic newsletter template, event presentation boards and membership materials.

The methodical rollout has been very well received and Arizona Forward’s email inboxes are constantly full with inquiries from new sources interested in learning more about its mission. It’s exciting and daunting, Brossart admits, but it’s worth it because it’s Our Environmental Legacy, Your Sustainable Future.

With the right partner, vision and strategic plan a rebrand can help revitalize your company. Remember to hold true to the core values of your organization so that you do not alienate you’re your loyal customers, but inspire them to see your brand in a different light, while attracting new customers as well.

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