High-Tech to High-Touch and Everything in Between: Branding at Every Customer Touchpoint

The way we do business has changed significantly in the digital age. Every aspect including lead generation, customer service and retention, branding and marketing has shifted into overdrive as customers are more empowered and informed than ever before with research tools at their fingertips.

Reputation management is more challenging as customer touchpoints continuously emerge and audiences are inundated with brand messages, but with this also comes new opportunities to communicate strategic messages to a broader audience. Understanding and prioritizing your business’s various touchpoints is the first step in managing your reputation.

What is a customer touchpoint? You may be surprised to learn the vast number of ways audiences are exposed to your brand. Chances are you are overlooking many of them.

By definition a touchpoint is any point of contact between a buyer and a seller. That’s close, but what about the different audience segments other than buyers?

Wikipedia expands on that definition to include, “A touchpoint describes the interface of a product, service or brand with customers/users, non-customers, employees and other stakeholders, before, during and after a transaction. This may be applied in business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer environments.”

Touchpoints can be any type of communication or impression viewed, heard, experienced in connection with your brand. After all, you never know who could be a customer or a referral source for your business. This example is not all-inclusive as there is no one-size fits all list, but is meant to offer a baseline overview.

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Employees (talking points/elevator speech/personal LinkedIn profiles)
  • Board of Directors
  • Media Relations and Publicity
  • Customers
  • Trade Associations Peers
  • Vendors and Partners
  • Social Media (visual branding and messaging)
  • Customer communications (welcome letter, invoices, etc.)
  • Message on Hold
  • Salesforce
  • Signage/Banners
  • Ads – digital and traditional
  • Partnerships/Sponsorships
  • E-blasts and newsletters
  • Annual reports
  • Direct mail
  • Tradeshow participation
  • Mobile marketing campaigns

Create a list of the touchpoints you are aware of today, and be prepared to add to it as you discover more. Evaluate the messages being communicated with each touchpoint and ask how it fits into your preferred company narrative. Are the correct mission, vision and values being emphasized? Is there room for improvement?

Consistency across all platforms is the ultimate goal, but it cannot always be accomplished quickly. Prioritize your list of touchpoints and work to appropriately brand them in a systematic approach. Constantly communicate – both internally and externally — your capabilities and strategic company messages for the best chance of positive brand management and consistency at each customer touchpoint.

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