Are You Practicing Anti-Social Media?

There is more to having a social media presence than just posting statuses. Having a branded Facebook page may help cultivate an audience or garner high numbers of “likes,” but if you only post one-way marketing or media messages, your audience will eventually lose interest. A page’s number of followers pales in value compared to interaction with them.

A key component for brand survival in the digital world is embracing the spirit of the medium. To be relevant and valued by a digital audience, social media messaging must be current and engaging.

Some social networkers find success in a “from the hip” approach to engaging audiences. The best practice is to execute a well-developed strategic plan with the goal of audience engagement desired outcome. Engaged audiences are loyal fans that often become unsolicited evangelists.

  •          Engage, Engage, Engage your audience.
    •   Start a conversation that elicits feedback.
    •   Ask questions: What’s working in your product line and what is not? What’s on their product wish list? What’s their fondest memory relating to your company?
  •         Establish yourself as a industry expert and resource.
    •   Comment on or share relevant posts by others in the industry.
    •   Inform followers regularly of industry news and trends.
    •   Create original content and commentary relevant to current issues.
    •   Organize blog posts on industry trends into categories for easy searches.
  •         Vary blog content to encompass a 360 view of an industry or issue.
    •   Develop an editorial calendar to help shape your message direction for the year.
    •   Create a series of posts relevant to your industry to keep followers returning week after week.
  •          Respond to questions or comments quickly and thoroughly.
    •   Thank others for retweeting or reposting your content.
    •   Acknowledge regular contributors and other subject matter experts.
    •   Create an education or improvement opportunity from negative comments or complaints. Turn that person into ambassador for your company by exceeding their expectations with your response.

Consumers are constantly inundated with messages. You must create valuable experiences to stand out in this medium, which requires a higher level of commitment than simply creating an online presence. When you establish yourself as an industry expert and can cut through the clutter, you and your message will receive dramatically increased visibility.

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