Writing Online Content That Counts

I always feel a cheeky smirk coming on when a stranger acts surprised that I can make a living at writing. Well I have some great news for writers and a surprise for the naysayers: Writers rule!

You can be the smartest dude on Earth, the savviest senorita in the board room – but what good are your fan-TAB-u-lous (that’s a shout out to a former colleague!) ideas if you can’t communicate them to the right people?

Here’s a great post on Lateral Action’s blog this morning about writing online content that counts.

I’ve heard every excuse I can stand for not embracing strong writing skills. TV and radio eradicated books. The Internet murdered newspapers. Twitter and Facebook are the wave of the advertising and marketing future.

Sure. Media changes every day.

But writing that engages and drives its audience to take action is still necessary to any successful marketing campaign, whether that campaign unfolds on a billboard overlooking I-10, in a 30-second TV spot or via a conversation shared online.

Are you still reading? Then I’ve made my point.

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