Best iPad Apps: Business Edition

In the fourth quarter of last year, 52.5 million tablets were sold worldwide, compared to a total of 66 million sold in 2011.  According to a recent report issued by Flurry Analytics, Americans spend 2:38 hours a day using tablets and smartphones. Just 20% of this time is spent surfing the Internet. The remaining 80% is consumed by app usage. In this fast-paced world, are you maximizing your “second screen” time by using the most efficient business apps?

With more than 275,000 choices in the App Store it can be difficult to navigate and filter the options.  PC Magazine recently released their list of the top 100 iPad apps for 2013.  The list is organized into seven categories: social networking; business; communication; entertainment; creativity; news/reference/information; and reading. We’ve narrowed it down even more to the apps that would be most beneficial to our agency work flow. Click the link to read PC Magazine’s review of each of these apps.

  • Citrix Go To My PC (Free): Have access to your desktop computer even when you are on the go. Go To My PC allows you to control your computer via your iPad while you are away from your desk.
  • AirDisplay 1.2 for iPad ($9.99): For efficient multi-tasking, Avatron’s Air Display turns your iPad into a wireless second LCD monitor for your Mac or PC.
  • GoodReader ($4.99): Need to review, edit, archive or share text from your iPad, regardless of the file type? The GoodReader app makes it simple.
  • Save2PDF ($9.99): Create a single PDF from a Word file, Excel spreadsheet, or Pages document, or to add a new page to the front or rear of an existing PDF with this app.
  • Dragon Dictation (Free): The Dragon Dictation app has made our list again this year because of its accurate voice transcription and ability to share messages over email, Facebook and Twitter, when connected to the Internet.

Did we miss an app that keeps your work flowing even when you are away from your office? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know if you use the apps we’ve listed and the pros and cons you’ve found.

Click here for the full list of The 100 Best iPad Apps

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