A ‘Gilded Age’ for Generation C – Mobile Marketing

With the continuous rise of technology and digital accessibility, the marketing industry has found itself in the heat of what could be called the ‘Gilded Age,’ for mobile marketing. What can be attributed to the massive increase in mobile ad spending and mobile device use? Accessibility, accessibility, accessibility! Marketers know their audience well. Generation C, those between the ages of 18-34, accounts for 23% of the population, and they thrive on connectivity 24/7. What better way to get your message in the hands of these connected consumers than through the medium that never leaves their hands in the first place?

Mobile marketing engages the consumer in the process while simultaneously creating action and immediacy for mobile advertisements. An estimated 90% of the U.S. population uses SMS messaging while devoting an average 65 minutes a day to their mobile devices, with that number rapidly increasing, especially for those that fall into Generation C. There is no longer a need for radios, televisions or print media to do all the leg work for advertisers. Today’s desired platform is all about mobile.

The Mobile Marketing Association reported mobile advertising growth from $304 to $701 million in 2011. With the rapid expansion of websites designed specifically for the mobile platform, applications being launched daily and text marketing campaigns rolling out, this number is  likely to rise into the billions sooner rather than later. For instance, an estimated 8 trillion SMS messages are expected to be sent in 2012. With numbers like these, there is no reason to doubt that mobile deserves our attention.

This time of rapid growth for mobile marketing can be marked by several key trends in 2012.

  • Substantial growth in the Smart Phone and Tablet Industry
  • Location-Based Marketing
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Merging of Mobile Marketing and E-Commerce

 First and foremost, we can expect smart phones to take over almost all other mobile devices within 2012. The adverting industry is expected to get its bearings on mobile in the upcoming year especially when mobile now has a partner in crime- the tablet. Between smart phones and tablets, consumers are engaging with brands on the go 24/7 with larger screens, interactive touch screen capability and high-speed connections almost everywhere.

Location awareness is a key component to the success of mobile marketing. What better way to take advantage of consumers engaging with brands on the go than catering advertising to their precise position? Brands are able to interact with their consumers immediately and effectively by relaying information that is timely. Relevancy goes hand in hand with social CRM research – making audiences, messages, timing and place all relevant for the consumers’ sake and your brand’s effectiveness. Knowing where your consumers are is becoming as increasingly important as what your consumers want.

 In addition to Location-Based Marketing is the rise of mobile coupons. From QR Codes to coupons that can be scanned off the mobile screen, the rate of mobile coupons will exceed 8% worldwide by the year 2016. It’s time to leave your scissors and coupon books at home. When thinking about the consumer you want to think convenience, making it possible for your consumers to pull up a coupon on their mobile device while waiting in line. Mobile coupons pinpoint a few crucial themes related to the success of mobile marketing – accessibility, interactivity, location and relevance.

Mobile marketing gurus have come to a consensus that e-commerce and mobile marketing will become a successful partnership. In 2012 we can expect to see a rise in the enhancement of mobile payment and mobile money transfers. Furthermore, there will be a rise of mobile banking in developing countries. Smart phones now allow consumers to access their banks within a few clicks. For instance, banking apps now make it possible to check your balance, make money transfers, pay bills and deposit checks while never stepping foot into a bank. For brands this means implementing options for mobile payment to enhance your capabilities and your consumers’ accessibility on the go.

With new developments being made daily, paying attention to the trends is going to be crucial during this ‘Gilded Age’ for mobile marketing. Technology is on the rise for great things, generating devices that are allowing marketing to be more direct and personal than ever before. Your brand has a lot to gain from joining the mobile movement and implementing some of the trends mentioned above. As for the bigger picture, we can all take a hint from Generation C – the future of our industry – and get connected now.

Author Megan Flynn, Caliber Group Intern

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