Tweeting for Business

Tweetdeck offers a nice search function that some entrepreneurs (hello #Bradford Shrimp!) are using to find business leads on Twitter. How? Type in a search phrase like “WordPress help” and find everyone who’s talking about your topic. Then follow them and offer interesting content/tips they can use.

Run a restaurant? Try searching for the phrase “happy hour,” or if you’re a grocery store chain, “coupons” or “groceries.” It may take a couple tries to get the phrase or keyword that works for you, but a little research could yield a new customer/client you weren’t reaching yesterday.

If you’re not in the business of directly selling something, you can use the search function on Tweetdeck to network within your industry. If you’re a real estate agent, try searching for “house hunting” and your city’s name. A hairstylist? Try “bad hairday.”

Once you find that customer/client, well then it always boils down to message strategy. They won’t follow you on Twitter if all you have to say is what you ate for breakfast this morning. Give your followers useful content and they’ll want more.  Read your followers tweets and find out what they want from you. As you build your following on Twitter, think about tweeting happy hour specials, ladies nights and double coupon days. Show a house you’re interested in selling or a new haircare product on the shelves this week. Don’t just sell something, give the extras that your community of followers will appreciate like an easy/affordable recipe or a hair styling tip of the day.

Don’t think it’ll work? Take a look at Gadabout Salons, PetSmart and Whole Foods. See how other businesses are already playing the game and then decide if you can afford to continue sitting on the sidelines.

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