Is Your Message Strategy Outdated?

Every business out there can probably say they offer a product or service relevant to today’s consumers. But do you tell your consumers that? Is your message strategy telling would-be customers what they want to hear given today’s economic climate?

Five years ago, times were good. Houses were getting bigger and more expensive. So were SUVs. Message strategies targeted the lifestyle we aspired to: You need a high-end, five-star, stainless steel kitchen. You need to be able to watch DVDs, log onto the Internet via your laptop and cook popcorn – all while driving down the street in your vehicle that seats 10. You need 3,600 square feet of living space, even though your children have left the nest. You need a separate refrigerator for your wine.

But today is different. We’re arguable emerging from a recession, one that brought us $4 gas, gutted home values, turned some people upside-down on their mortgages and bankrupted companies. Today, consumers are cutting coupons and bargain hunting.

Does your advertising and marketing strategy reflect that change? Or are you still trying to tell consumers they need a vehicle that seats 10?

Today’s audiences are looking for value over lifestyle. So tell them what they’ll get for their money if they do business with you, I.e., reliability, stability, deals, steals, you get the idea. Get to know who your customer is today. Any good message strategy is based on strong consumer research.

Knowing what your customers want and need and adapting your message strategy accordingly will help your business stay relevant in a changing climate. A truly savvy business owner will not only stay on top of today’s consumer demands, but learn to anticipate tomorrow’s – now that’s really strategizing.

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