Cell Phones Replacing Landlines as Marketing Venue

America’s increasing dependence on cell phones is creating a new marketing medium for businesses.

The Associated Press recently reported that more than one out of every six of households have only cell phones and an additional 13 percent have landlines, but get most of their calls on their mobile. The data was based on a study compiled by the National Health Interview Survey and conducted by the CDC.

Stephen Blumberg, senior scientist at the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and an author of the report, said that the nation’s current economic status could increase the number of cell phone holders.

“There’s clearly a reason to give up a landline phone if budgets are tight,” he said in an interview. “Given the current economic environment, I’d not be surprised to see more and more people give up their landline phones for economic reasons.”

The growing number of people using cell phones exclusively could force companies in all industries to change tactics and communicate differently – eliminating annoying telemarketing and robocalls. In response to changing consumer behavior, The Detroit Free Press is changing their printing and delivery schedule to send more news out through the Web and SMS (text messaging) to reach consumer demand for information on their laptop or cell phone.

The prolific use of cell phones gives businesses the ability to communicate directly to their customers with text messages (or e-mail) highlighting sales, specials or coupons.

Other marketing possibilities? Consider offering free airtime or exclusive ringtones to users in exchange for information on your product or service. Just be wary of looking like spam. Unwanted calls, e-mail or texts can damage a brand.

With the correct strategy and some creative thinking, companies could use this information to help build recognition and heighten their brand awareness.

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