Bing Uses Links to Advertise

Scroll down this recessionista story on and check out what happens when your cursor crosses one of several hyperlinks in the story.

The result is a search preview window that hovers over the article you’re trying to read and, of course, the Web search engine is none other than Microsoft’s new bing!

Formerly Windows Live Search and MSN search, it’s no surprise that news giant MSNBC is promoting the new search engine.

But obvious bias aside, what do you think about the idea of using hyperlinks to advertise a product? What if you could purchase a hyperlink on another news Web site, blog or product site?

I found reading an article with bing popping up everywhere a little annoying, but if you were researching a product, say, comparing automobile prices online and a hyperlink took you directly to a local dealer’s weekend sales event, would you follow?

If you think about it, it’s not too dissimilar from movie product placements or interactive digital media you watch in your own home. Is this an effective marketing strategy?

Is anyone doing this out there? Send me some examples, I’m curious to hear from you. (And I’m testing you to see if you’re awake! Wink-wink.)

(Thanks to Si1very for the photo!)

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