Twitter: Follower Count Now a Job Requirement

When the developers of Twitter launched the platform in 2006, I bet they never thought the number of someone’s followers would help or hurt their chances of landing a job. Thanks to a recent Best Buy job posting, now your network’s reach matters even more.

Best Buy recently posted a job opening for a senior manager of emerging media marketing. This person would be the lead for all mobile, social and video marketing and media efforts. The applicant needed a bachelor’s degree and some social media marketing experience. Oh, and he or she must be an active blogger and have more than 250 followers on Twitter.

Getting followers quickly isn’t hard and can even be done through paying a company to build your network. But the requirement shows the business landscape is changing very quickly. More businesses are seeing that there is a value to Twitter and social media isn’t just something your kids do.

(Thanks to Ian Muttoo for the photo!)

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