TucsonSentinel.com covers news without paper and ink

Last week’s launch of The Tucson Sentinel illustrates two news and information delivery trends: the inkless, paperless “newspaper” and the nonprofit business model.

Dylan Smith and a handful of former staffers from the Tucson Citizen, the 138-year-old newspaper paper that ceased print publication in May, launched TucsonSentinel.com in the wake of newspapers and media outlets nationwide slashing staffs and shutting their doors.

Tucson Sentinel content and format resembles online versions of traditional print newspapers. Professional reporters and editors and a cadre correspondents will cover local topics and promote community conversations on issues that affect Tucson, according to TucsonSentinel.com. It also has national and international news services.
The Tucson Sentinel’s emergence is similar to The Arizona Guardian, a year-old subscription-based online-only news site in Phoenix, that was developed by staff members laid off from the East Valley Tribune. The Guardian is tightly focused on state government and politics.

TucsonSentinel.com is a nonprofit organization, a business model frequently touted as the savior of newspapers and traditional media. TucsonSentinel.com is owned and operated by Tucson-based nonprofit corporation Black Mountain Media Inc.

Sentinel is embracing its role as model for a new journalism. TucsonSentinel.com will receive funding and assistance from local donors, corporations, foundations, and advertising and sponsorships, according to the Web site. The TucsonSentinel.com goal is building a sustainable nonprofit business model that delivers quality reporting in a competitive media environment — without paper and ink.

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  • http://ArizonaNotebook.com Mike Padgett

    Greetings, Ann.
    Found your site today. Love the easy-on-the-eyes design. Looking forward to reading more about Tucson. Great photo of the cat on the computer.


  • http://ArizonaNotebook.com Mike Padgett

    Best wishes on your new adventure, Dylan.

    Site looks great. Easy to read.

  • http://www.tucsonsentinel.com Dylan Smith

    Hi Ann,

    Thanks for the notice. We’re overwhelmed by the postive response and great traffic that TucsonSentinel.com is already receiving.

    We strongly believe that access to quality reporting is vital to a healthy community, so we’re dedicated to making our website available without charge.

    This is more than an effort by me, Mike Truelsen, and the other former Citizen staff who are involved. To truly report on and reflect Tucson, we need everyone’s help; we’ll gladly accept contributions of both content and funding/pro bono services.

    Beyond straight reporting, we aim to be a venue for a dynamic community conversation. Come on over and join the debate on our story comments.

    Got a hot news tip? Send it to news@tucsonsentinel.com.

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