Marketing to Generations

To market effectively to a target audience, organizations must not only capture the attention of the audience, but do so with a message that resonates with their specific age group and characteristics.

Every generation has its own distinct set of characteristics that are developed from their social environment in their prevenient years. Research has shown that each generational group has different values and beliefs regarding family, career, work/life balance, training and development, loyalty, gender roles, and expectations of a leader. Marketers should note that these generational preferences and social values influence purchasing behavior as much as common demographic factors such as income, education, and gender.

We hear the labels of generations tossed about. Here we will define them and their specific characteristics and influencers, according to AccountingWEB. By studying these generations’ unique qualities, marketers can integrate more targeted approaches into marketing strategies and research.

Generational Communication Characteristics and Influencers

Generational graph

As we can see, the unique characteristics of each generation are quite varied. Traditionally, marketers have focused on studying the buying patterns of each generation. Now, we can also tailor the type of messaging that psychologically resonates with each generational audience, which is typically based off of the “influencers” of their time, as illustrated above. Taking each of these generational traits into consideration when developing a marketing plan will help enhance the strength of your messaging, and in turn, brand loyalty.

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