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Friends and Fans and Followers, Oh My!

There seems to be two social media camps emerging in the marketing/public relations world. Camp Go For It! and Camp I Don't Have Time For This! can be found in every office nook and cranny defending their positions. So what's a good business executive/entrepreneur to do? (Check out this ReadWriteWeb post on degrees of social media usage.) The same thing your predecessor did when the Internet was born. Or how about when that newfangled box, the television, came to be? The radio? The truth - as is usually the case - I believe lies somewhere in the middle. Marketing and PR professionals didn't stop reaching out to print media when the first radio the size of a Volkswagen took up floor space in Grandma's living room. And companies today still advertise on TV and radio, despite the numerous banner and pay-per-click online advertising opportunities. So what's the deal with social media? Will those tried-and-true traditional media tools we've gotten so comfortable with really go away if you dare to Tweet? Hang on to your blanket, Linus.

July 31, 2009