Social Media Workshop Highlights the Benefits to Businesses

Caliber superstar Sam Brace gave an enthusiastic and informative presentation on social media this morning to the Northern Pima County Chamber of Commerce at Ventana Medical Systems.

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to attend on of Caliber’s many Smart Marketing Workshops, you can download a PowerPoint of the presentation at

Linda Welter Cohen discusses the key to effective social media strategy.

Linda Welter Cohen discusses the key to an effective and successful social media strategy.

Caliber’s fearless leaders and principals, Linda Welter Cohen and Kerry Stratford, tweeted from the event.

We covered a lot of fun and innovative case studies for businesses, large and small, which are using social media to drive business leads, brand loyalty, name awareness and their bottom line. Who’s ahead of you in the social media line? Do names like Kenneth Cole, Hewitt Packard and Tucson’s own Avenue Coffee sound familiar?

C’mon folks! If they can’t do it, so can you!

It’s not too late to learn more about social media. The Caliber Group is still taking reservations for two workshops: Social Media Boot Camp for Beginners (8 a.m. to noon this Saturday or next Saturday) and Tweet Camp for Beginners (8 a.m. to 10 a.m. this Friday or next Friday). If you want some help building your own social media profiles, e-mail for more information.

Thanks to the Northern Pima County Chamber of Commerce and Ventana Medical Systems for hosting Caliber’s workshop.

Is your group or organization interested in hearing more about Smart Marketing or social media? E-mail for more information.

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