Caliber Group Earns Leadership Award from Arizona Forward

December 14, 2012

The Caliber Group was honored with a Leadership Award for their contribution to rebranding of Valley Forward at its 43rd Annual Luncheon, where leaders officially announced the launch of a statewide mission of environmental quality and new the operating name, Arizona Forward.

The event featured keynote speaker Alison Levine and celebrated more than four decades of environmental stewardship, recognized the organization’s accomplishments and honored select individual members with leadership awards, including the Caliber Group.

“We were surprised with the award announcement and completely thrilled to be recognized for our work with Valley Forward,” said Lori McConville, executive vice president for Caliber Group. “We have enjoyed working with the team at Arizona Forward on their rebrand and believe deeply in the merit of the organization’s mission.”

Caliber has been working with Arizona Forward to create the look and feel of the new brand, including logo, tag lines, collateral materials and website.

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