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Why local?

Locally-grown fruits and vegetables taste better and are better for you. Whenever possible, Seashore opts to purchase from local growers. Local commodities are grown in proximity to a distribution center which allows them the time to be tree or vine-ripened. Additionally, when commodities are picked at their peak of ripeness, more of their vitamins, mineral, and phytochemicals are retained.

We also believe in supporting local, independently-owned growers. To further our commitment to our local community, we are a part of a national sustainability program—Greener Fields Together. By pulling resources with the other members of PRO*ACT, we are able to offer local growers food safety education. In 2015 Greener Fields Together launched its grant program Cultivating Change and awarded $60,000 to small, independent growers.  If you’re interested in getting involved or just want more information, contact us directly or visit greenerfieldstogether.org.

Local Availability

We update our locally sourced availability list weekly our peak season. Please keep in mind that availability is subject to changes in growing conditions and that some items may need to be pre-ordered. To help us better serve you, please utilize our menu planner and reach out to your sales representative with any questions.

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Local Menu Planner

Use this as a guide, but remember to reach out to your sales representative before publishing your menu.

Current Month: February
  • Apples (various)
  • Lettuce, Hydro Bib
  • Microgreens (various)
  • Mushrooms (various)
  • Onions, Peeled
  • Potatoes
  • Potatoes, processed
  • Sweet Potatoes
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